Laboratory of Environmental Toxicology and Aquatic Ecology

The Laboratory of Environmental Toxicology and Aquatic Ecology, led by professors Janssen, Goethals and De Schamphelaere, focusses both on fundamental and applied aspects of aquatic ecotoxicology and ecological risk assessment. Main research topics include the effects (at different levels of biological organization in both marine and freshwater environments) and the presence and availability of environmental contaminants in general and of metals, endocrine disruptors, natural toxins and persistent chemicals in particular.



The laboratory is composed of various sub-groups studying:

  1. The bioavailability and effects of metals in freshwater and marine ecosystems (sediment and water); 
  2. Acclimation (epigenetics), adaptation and micro-evolutionary consequences of stressors on aquatic organisms (both anthropogenic contaminants and global change stressors such as toxic algae);
  3. The presence and ecological effects of existing and new chemicals in the marine environment (endocrine disruptors, persistent substances, pharmaceutical substances) using new techniques (e.g. passive samplers);
  4. Development and validation of ecosystem models for the evaluation of indirect and direct effects of environmental contaminants and other stressors on the aquatic environment.