(Micro)plastics in the North Sea

The Laboratory of Environmental Toxicology (professor Colin Janssen and PhD student Lisbeth Van Cauwenberghe) investigates (micro)plastics, based on a quantitative monitoring study of marine debris on the seabed, sea-surface and the beach along the Belgian shore. You can read a summary of this research from our News section. 


Last summer, the presence of microplastics got a lot of media attention. You can read more about it in several Dutch articles: Het Laatste NieuwsHet Belang Van Limburg, Gazet van AntwerpenGhent UniversityKnackSchamperVilt.beFoodlog.nlShe.be.


Also recently, plastic pollution was a hot topic after 400g of plastic was found in the stomach of the stranded minke whale (March, beach of Nieuwpoort, Belgium). You can read more about it (in Dutch) in this newspaper article (De Redactie) or read this Parliamentary question of Kathleen Van Brempt


Watch the video fragment from Koppen (in Dutch) or from the RTBF (in French) by clicking on the pictures below. 




On the occassion of a newly published paper Assessment of marine debris on the Belgian Continental Shelf, a Dutch article has been published on plastics in the ocean on the  Eos website, a magazine on science and technology, accessible for a wide audience. 


Also more recently, in November 2013, the documentary from RTBF has been shown on tv, in 'Le 12 minutes'